We have experience, and we know that time is the most valuable thing in life. That’s why we established Private Wealth Management, an independent company where you can solve all matters concerning your wealth, family or business in one place. At Private Wealth Management we have combined the services of a Private Consulting Group with the investment products of Private Consulting Investments and have added on even more.

We handle not only classical investments in funds, bonds and stocks, but also investments in private equity and precious metals. We can help you plan the succession, restructuring or sale your business, and we also provide taxation and legal consulting services.

Our team of professionals, with a wide range of skills and experience, is at your disposal. The expertise starts from traditional banking and insurance, through portfolio management, marketing, legal and tax consultancy, finishing with succession, headhunting and IT security.

Through our concierge services you will get a personal assistant who will arrange the daily routine for you and your loved ones. Because the most valuable thing in life is time.


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Mgr. Martin Vozár, PhD.   

Portfolio Manager
+421 905 852 475