Wealth management

Effective management of your investment portfolio is our priority. We will advise you on the structure, setup and management of your assets. In addition to classic investment products, we also offer alternative investments, such as private equity or physical investment gold. We also offer classical insurance and credit products.

We create a portfolio based on your preferences, attitude to risk, life situation and your plans for the future.

Private equity

By investing in private equity, we improve the overall diversification and return potential of your portfolio. Our focus is on investments in bills of exchange, bonds and funds of qualified investors with a predetermined fixed income.

PCI Equity US

Purpose of the product

The actively managed PCI Equity US portfolio allows the client to invest in the TOP shares traded on the American Stock Exchange.

Investment gold

We will broker the purchase as well as buyback of physical investment gold according to your preferences. By investing in gold, you can protect your wealth from a financial crisis or an unfavourable geopolitical situation. In addition to diversifying your portfolio, you will ensure that its value is preserved for future generations. Another advantage is the tax exemption.

Funds intended for trading in the investment gold of clients are deposited in a separate account, number SK47 7500 0000 0040 2761 6516. This account was created exclusively for this purpose.

Wealth planning

Protection of property and family

Our experts will help you as much as possible secure and plan a carefree future for your family and the business you have built. We will resolve the competitive interests of the business and between family members before they come into a conflict.

Family owned companies

We understand the complexities of doing business, and we can help you with all aspects of managing a family business, including restructuring, setting up new companies, strategic and operational management, financial planning, setting up loyalty programs for employee stabilization and many more.


We will prepare you for changes related to the succession of your company. When you are ready, there are no surprises. This saying is especially true when talking about intergenerational succession in family owned companies. According to statistics, approximately 70% of family businesses don’t survive the risks of the first generation exchange.

Real estate

We buy, sell or rent real estate for you not only in Slovakia, but also worldwide thanks to our business partners abroad.

Concierge services

We will provide you with extensive concierge services related to your family, household, health, cultural life and travel as well as unusual wishes.

This can be a small matter, such as booking a table at your favourite restaurant, providing math tutoring for your child or buying a bouquet for your wife. However, we can also help with comprehensive services for organizing a trip around the world. We're here for you.

Comprehensive reporting

We prepare a comprehensive view of your family's assets from the information you provide, and together with you we will set up optimal processes to help you achieve your business and personal goals.